Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is just as impactful as your mental or physical health.

From religion to spiritual mindfulness, the way we perceive our connection to the rest of the world and to forces greater than ours impacts our inner being. Here is a compilation of all posts related to spiritual health.

*Please be aware there will be discussions of God, theology, religious texts, and other spiritual things below. Open minds are welcome.


Is it better to be agreeable? Truly? I’ve heard it all my life: how easy I make everyone’s lives, how well I listen, how I fill the gap and take initiative. These are all good traits, I’m sure. I’m sure there are people who don’t have these that wish they did, but maybe… this is … Continue reading Agreeable

Fairy Tales & Fathers

This was written January 20, 2013 in Montana, while in missionary training. Unedited. Once upon a time, in a far away land, a princess lived with her father in a beautiful white castle, overlooking a deep forest. Her father, the king, loved her very much and would lavish her with gifts and love, but she … Continue reading Fairy Tales & Fathers