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Why the heck is this here?

Dungeons & Dragons is known for being nerdy and silly, but I gotta tell you, there’s nothing more freeing than being someone else for a session. Dungeons & Dragons offers silly moments, or even poignant moments where we talk about life and morality. You express freedom in your decisions.

I am currently running a campaign with some friends and since I write a short story of each session, putting it on the blog was an easy decision!

Mech Men Session Four

Day 5, Wednesday (continued) Tired and sweaty from their trek through the sewers, the party travels back the way they came to return the two creatures they captured to Professor Blendy. The hallways are mostly empty, they pass a few groups of people heading for a bit to eat. There are some food booths still … Continue reading Mech Men Session Four

Mech Men Session Three

Day 3, Monday (continued) The party excitedly spend the day making Creatives for the Upwelling Ceremony. Alfios spends most of the day on his guitar, practicing a song he wrote. Molander at first looks lost on an idea, but when he sees Alfios and his guitar, he has an idea. Ralf, the goblin, creates an … Continue reading Mech Men Session Three

Mech Men Session Two

Day 2 (continued) We return to the party now, sitting in the Lonely Goblin and listening in on the conversation Lufus is having with an Azorious Guard as he tries to file the damage on his bar so he can get an insurance claim. Kwela takes their order, wincing occasionally. “Heya guys, anything else we … Continue reading Mech Men Session Two

Mech Men Prologue & Session One

Our Background Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing tabletop game, first created in 1974. Our group consists of two couples. We’ve been in one previous campaign together, set in the world of Ravnica, created by Wizards of the Coast. Our previous campaign was a homebrew1 created by my husband, Matthew. It involved four people going … Continue reading Mech Men Prologue & Session One

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